PDIC has considerable amount of experience in assisting project owners in reaching their project goals.  We provide personal, professional, responsive, selected or overall services in representing project owners, sequentially as follows:

Establish Requirements
1. Evaluate goals and objectives
2. Identify space needs

Development and Project Management
1. Select and review properties
2. Property acquisition
3. Prepare design and development program
4. Budget analysis
5. Market analysis
6. Feasibility study
7. Zoning analysis
8. Maintain code compliance
9. Assist in the selection of consultants, RFQs and RFPs
10. Contract review and negotiations
11. Consultants management
12. Project coordination
13. Programming
14. Review and comment on the design and contract documents
15. Financing documentation review and interface
16. Quality control
17. Permitting and negotiation

Construction Management
1. Contractor selections, RFQs and RFPs
2. Initiate and manage bidding process
3. Bids review and analysis
4. Value engineering
5. Maintain schedule
6. Maintain budget
7. Review and coordinate of the Design Clarifications Variation Requests (DCVR)
8. Change order review and negotiations
9. Submittal coordination
10. Coordinate construction procedures
11. Schedule review and negotiations
12. Interior design consultation
13. Finishes Fixtures & Equipment (FF & E) purchasing
14. Punch list
15. Occupancy finalization
16. Tenant relocation

Post-Construction Management
1. Mediation
2. Arbitration
3. Expert Witness
4. Capital improvements