Our Real Estate Development and Investment Group engages in the development and management of commercial and residential properties in the Seattle-Puget Sound area focusing on a value-added and opportunistic investment strategy.

PDIC has successfully developed and completed a number of large and challenging projects since 1991.  These general project experience includes the mixed-use projects, multi-residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, health care, civic projects, retail, to the majority which had tight budget or short time line.

The members of PDIC have extensive experience and strengths in real estate development, together with award winning design background in architectural, planning, financing, jurisdictional review and negotiations, in depth knowledge in project and construction management, importantly, local experience and track record.  These experience includes projects of diversified use both in local, national and international arenas, including projects requiring challenging construction phasing, to assure smooth transitions during construction and to allow occupancies without interruption.