Project Development International Corporation (PDIC) was established in 1991 and is located in Seattle, Washington. Since our inception, we have been a leading real estate developer and consultant in local, national and international arenas. Today we are a portfolio of leading ventures with interests in Real Estate Development, Interior Finishes, and Consumer and Lifestyle Goods.

The following summarizes our core segments of business:


Real Estate Development and Investment Group

Our Real Estate Development and Investment Group engages in the development and management of commercial and residential properties in the Seattle-Puget Sound area focusing on a value-added and opportunistic investment strategy.

PDIC has successfully developed and completed a number of large and challenging projects since 1991.  These general project experience includes the mixed-use projects, multi-residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, health care, civic projects, retail, to the majority which had tight budget or short time line.

In addition, PDIC provides full project management services from real estate development, covering project management and through construction administration, for customers in the private and public sectors.   In general, the focus of the company is to provide a lead role in fulfilling the need of having high standards in project development and management, from start to finish.

The members of PDIC have extensive experience and strengths in real estate development, together with award winning design background in architectural, planning, financing, jurisdictional review and negotiations, in depth knowledge in project and construction management, importantly, local experience and track record.  These experience includes projects of diversified use both in local, national and international arenas, including projects requiring challenging construction phasing, to assure smooth transitions during construction and to allow occupancies without interruption.


Interior Finishes Group

PDIC is a leading provider of commercial and high-end residential architectural finishes from carpets to wallcovering and other building materials.  We serve architects, designers, general contractors, building owners and end users in determining the right products to use for their applications.  PDIC is the exclusive distributor for a number of high-end interior finishes in the Asia-Pacific region. Our most notable product lines are Bentley Prince Street, JJ-Invision, Belletile, Venture Carpets, Metalum Wallcovering, DecorLink and Avant carpet.


Consumer and Lifestyles Group

Our Consumer and Lifestyles Group encompasses two segments: high-end lifestyle products and mid-market consumer goods.  Our Lifestyle segment includes woven precious metal wallcovering, handmade wool rugs, furnishings, limited production wines and state-of-the-art audio equipment.  Our Mid-Market segment includes gourmet foods and household products.  Given our decades of business expertise in the Asia-Pacific region, we provide market development and consulting services to US companies who are interested in doing business internationally.